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Out of Order Gun Rights podcast

Sep 19, 2018

Thank you for tuning into episode 78 of the out of order gun rights podcast today's interview is with Aubrey Taylor. Aubrey is a survivor. She is a motorcycle enthusiast, a firearms owner and she carries concealed. in February of2018 she was attacked while riding a motorcycle in traffic and she was able to use her firearm to defend yourself and save her life. I wanted to interview her because as gun owners, as second amendment advocates, as people who carry fire arms to defend our life our liberty our loved ones there only certain parts of a deadly force encounter that we can train for we can drain tactics we can train situational awareness we can train shooting we can practice all of these things but we can't train or practice for the psychological affects the physiological effects that follow a shooting and the best way I can think of or the closest thing I can think of to training and practicing those is to talk to people who have lived through the experience and that's why I am grateful that Aubrey agreed to share her story with us I encourage everyone who listens to this to also listen to another interview Aubrey did which I linked to in the show notes page many of the questions that I asked were follow up questions to what I heard that came to me while I was listening to Aubrey on the other interview and the other questions came from reading Grossman's books on killing and on combat So if you haven't read those I highly recommend those as well